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Education plays a role of Samaritan in curbing out Poverty and Crime

The developing countries of Africa have all lower literacy rates. No wonder, why these countries are infamous for criminal activities. Nigeria is a country despite a commendable economic growth, charts low on the educational arena.

Lack of education or you can say improper and ineffective education system is doing only harm to this country rich in so many natural resources. Poverty is rapid compelling younger lots to get indulged in criminal activities as they are quite vulnerable in such situations.

The only way to add to the quality of living and upsizing economy is an effective education system. Despite government funding the basic education, attendance in schools remains below satisfactory. A countywide mission to make people aware about the goods of education could awake the pupil.
As far as higher education is concerned, number of foreign assistance has come to the rescue of education system in country. Several eminent UK Universities are on the fray to provide quality higher education to students from Nigeria. People have started following the new and innovative idea for imparting education, online distance learning courses.

Thanks to these eminent UK Universities which have incepted this contemporary idea in the Nigerian education system. Availing higher education has not remained at all a tough task for the pupil. Several courses are offered to students from the country transforming their career big way.

These courses are prepared by the distinguished educationalists from the universities. Flexibility of such courses is the key reason for thriving of distance learning in Nigeria, as it does not engages students for a long period.

Let’s hope that good senses keep on flowing in the minds of Nigerian people and one day, they too see themselves as an economic and educational super power.


Increase your Professional Growth with an MBA Degree

Do you often go through the disappointment of not being able to make it big in your career, as yet? Does it hurt to see young colleagues edging past you in the competitive edge with your position being stagnant? Well, chances are high that you are falling short in your academics; which are further restricting your growth in the corporate world. After all, the competitive corporate industry is not only in the lookout of skilled individuals, but also somebody holding great managerial knowledge.


Therefore, the key to organizational growth in today’s age lay with strengthening your academics alongside enhancing your skills in the practical field. Now, going back to school might come up to be a surprising choice for you; despair not, as alternatives is always there. Thanks to the emergence of online learning, pursuing a course alongside continuing your job comes up to be an easy affair in the present day. Additionally, the alternative learning mode has also given students based in countries facing increasing political and social violation an opportunity to continue with their educational endeavor for furthering organizational growth.

Pursuing an MBA, in such times of pursuit always comes up to be a noble idea, as it endows the students with the necessary managerial and leadership skills alongside enhancing their theoretical knowledge in the changing trends of the corporate industry and other business management. Professionals based in Nigeria can always opt to pursue UK MBA in Nigeria, which would allow them to obtain an edge in the corporate industry acquiring a management degree from a foreign university.