Education In Nigeria Is Growing With Spreading Distance Education

With the growth and development of online education, many developing countries around the world are opting for distance learning programmes to improve their economic condition and for overall growth and development. These countries don’t have a very well developed education infrastructure so the students have no other option but to move out.

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Due to weak economic condition they are even unable to relocate to another country and have to start earning to support their families. Thus online education acts as a savior to these students. Many renowned universities across the globe have started offering online education to the students worldwide.

Advantages of Online Education

Distance learning is breaking new ground in education sector in Nigeria. Open and distance learning education has the ability to provide a prestigious university degree to the students from all across the globe without attending practical classes. Many advantages provided by online education are:

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  • Flexibility – you get the freedom of anytime, anywhere education
  • Convenience – you can complete your course according to your time schedule and study at your own pace
  • Affordability – online courses are affordable in compare to regular courses
  • Balance study and work – you can continue working while pursuing the course and relate the two
  • Assured success – having a higher degree along with the work experience brings you better career opportunities

Online Education in Nigeria

With the support from government, Nigeria has started providing free education to all including nomads, handicapped and under-served. The primary and secondary educations are compulsory school education. However, pursuing the four year graduate and postgraduate degrees depend on student’s choice and will solely whether they want to go for distance education or attend regular classes.

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Distance learning is breaking new ground in education sector in Nigeria. More and more students are coming forward to take the advantage of distance learning programmes. Online education gives them the advantage of having an international degree which opens the door of international job market for them. Working professionals are also enrolling into the online courses to fulfill their dream of getting higher education and improve their career prospects.

Now students don’t need to move out of their country and can have the advantage of an international degree by sitting at their home. With the help of online education students in Nigeria are getting higher education and improving their career prospects to help the all round growth and development of their country.


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