Online Learning can Give Nigerian Students a Winning Edge in their Career


In Nigerian job scenario, today, employers reportedly prefer candidates with foreign degrees. The extent of such expectation has become such that a foreign bachelor’s degree holder is more preferable to them to a candidate with Nigerian master’s degree holder. No wonder, a huge craze for foreign degrees have become obvious targets for Nigerian students.

Foreign Degrees are Tough to Achieve

But, foreign degrees attained from renowned institutions is not that easy. Let alone the expensive budget for foreign education, reputed universities have tough benchmark of admission tests, which are not so easy to crack. From both these respects, Nigerian students face massive hindrance to attend degree level education from prestigious foreign universities. The native education standard in Nigeria is nowhere to stand up to the international standard.

Expense is Pretty High

And, in economically developing country like Nigeria majority people do not have that financial sufficiency to afford the cost of foreign universities. Moreover, there are several other costs related to foreign education. Travel and transportation cost, costly living on a foreign land, expenses for immigration formalities, and several other sundry expenses make the amount considerably large.

Find the Easy Way Out


So, Nigerian students have different hurdles to attend foreign universities for academic as well as financial reasons. But, they do not have to be demoralised for that. With internationally recognised reputed universities of educationally advanced nations devising online distance learning courses to be delivered to the students all over the world, Nigerian students are now at vary easy and comfortable situation to take massive advantages of this.

Flexible and Comfortable Effort

Besides, when a Nigerian student enrol in any online course and study online, he/she becomes entitled to enjoy certain characteristic benefits of online education. Among them, the first and foremost is the issue of flexibility. Enrolling in an online degree course, Nigerian students can pursue foreign university course from their homeland. What they need is just simple piece of gadgets like tablets or laptops with the internet connection. And, they are ready to continue their course programmes.

That is not all; the advantages of studying online include very flexible class schedules. Due to 24/7 availability of course materials and pre-recorded lectures these students can set their convenient timing for studying and attending the classes.

Work Experience Parallel to Study

This unbelievable liberty of timing is a great advantage that Nigerian students can best utilise to their favour by involving into relevant works for practical experience alongside their academic knowledge. Practical work experience is considered nowadays as the real bonus point to impress any employer.

Learning in Global Setting


The live group discussions, live classrooms through virtual learning environment not only let Nigerian students to get familiar with world class education, but also provide them the opportunity to be assimilated with the multicultural factors through the international students from different ethnicities and socio-cultural bases.

The advantages of studying online also include the incredibly low fee structure, apart from the huge savings these students can make by not travelling to and staying in the foreign countries. An online degree can be studied with up to 60% less fees than that of an on-campus degree.

Plus, this magic combination of learning and earning prepares Nigerian students for unrivalled job possibilities in international level. Their proficiency over communication and computer operating efficiencies grown in the process of tech-based learning really give them a winning edge in their job search.

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