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Thinking Of Changing Your Career? Get An Online Diploma In Information Technology.

Today, a lot of students are showing interests in choosing information technology to upgrade their career. As technology is gaining its ground in our environment, young learners are becoming more and more tech-savvy in computers and domains related to it. And this surely is stimulating them to enroll in online diploma in computing.

IT and Computing

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Many learners, after finishing their academic study, hold the desire to be in IT companies. There are several online learning institutes offering online diploma in information technology and transforming their desires into reality. The modules are crafted in a way that students who are engaged in different social and family responsibilities can easily participate in those courses. For instance, working professionals can access his course related material through their smartphone at lunch time or in weekends. A student can join the ‘discussion board’ or watch video tutorial and webinars to continue his studies, saved in a cloud-based database, whenever he gets a free time. In a nutshell, by enrolling in an online diploma in computing students are to experience a personalised learning mode.

A diploma in computing holds the ability to transmute one’s career into an upgraded one. Technically speaking, IT has been the largest employment industry for quite some time now, that’s the reason why students are considering their career in tech. Let’s delve deep into the matter considering computer as a career.

diploma in information technology

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An online diploma in computing, which acts as a career boost, will arm the students with a thorough knowledge in computer and technology. But what if a student does not have any formal knowledge in computing? Well, as the proverb goes ‘where there is a will, there is a way’; if you have enough courage to take tech as a career – online diploma in computing definitely is the way you need to pay heed.

IT and Computing course can be beneficial to the students in too many ways. Here are some:

  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the demand for IT professionals is to increase by 2020 dramatically. Below are the facts and stats.
  • Requirement of software developers will be increased by 32%.
  • Requirement of database administrators and IT managers will be increased by 31% and 18% respectively.
  • If these statistics only represent the growth of US programming jobs then think about the rest of the world!

Are You a Pro Or Just a Rookie?

No matter how far you know about computers and technologies online courses are designed to prepare you from the beginning. The sole purpose of this course is to make a student an old hand at technology. So, if you are a rookie to start with, a diploma in computing will definitely make you qualify enough to make a career leap.

A Successful Career Change

Diploma in computing

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Are you about to change your career? Technology and computing might be the best fit for you if you accustomed with basic technical know-hows. As Information technology sector is always in flux, the safest way to stay in the play is to acquire a diploma in information technology. It will not only improve your key skills but also enhance your concentration, engagement, and responsibility.

IT Covers It Is All!

The online module of IT and computing covers the entire domain, starting from exploring and understanding the fundamental characteristics of a computer and the fundamental principle of design, database system, the methodology of Human Computer Interaction to complex software engineering.

The Information Technology sector is the biggest and widest industry element in the entire world. And if you consider IT and computing as your career, then definitely you are about to shape your future.

What do you think? Add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions below.

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Technology In Education: Enhancing The Level Of Teaching And Learning Practice

Education Technology- a topic which seems to remain the most discussed in the year 2016. Ed-techs has created the wider opportunity to access education with online learning. With mobile devices, computer system and the internet any human on the earth can learn anything. With so much convenience to learning, one cannot miss out the opportunity to learn. And why not acquire new or update knowledge which will help us in our future course. Besides, people learn about how techs in education work. This gives them the idea of trending techs and how to operate them. Read on.


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What is Ed-Tech?

Education Technology is used to facilitate education and enhancing the performance of the students by designing and deploying and employing and managing suitable technological procedures and measures. Many might say it differently. For them, ed-tech are used as apps, software and latest tools to improve education i.e to enhance teaching and learning practice.

Techs Bridges Learning

Technology has greatly helped to make way for the new form of education i.e online learning. It has allowed learners across the world to connect to the institute from any place of the globe. Irrespective of their financial background students can access whatever they want to learn. However, one should have learning gadget and internet to log into online course programme. The number of mobile devices users has significantly increased. And is expected to grow further. Particularly the number of smartphone users have exploded. The mobile and education technology have created amazing scope for learning. Today, online learners learn via smartphones and other mobile devices.


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Students with their user id and password, provided by the online learning facilitator (college or university), log in to the take education. Besides, to make learning simplified there are apps. Many online learning facilitators provide apps to their students. These apps are designed in such manner that everything that students need are available at their fingertips. This way ed-tech connects learner living hundred and thousands of miles away with the college and university. Basically, now it has become the bridge between the learner and learning.

How Ed-Tech Have Innovated Learning?


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The technology was always there in education before. There was time when students learnt about computers. There was the computer system in the class labs. As technology advanced the concept of learning with machines have entered the classroom. Today, there are many schools and higher institutes which have adopted latest techs to make classroom learning engaging. They have also adopted blended learning also termed as hybrid learning. This includes some portion of the classroom learning and some online. This way students remain engaged with both traditional and the new format of education i.e e-learning. And yes there is pure online learning which totally is web and digital-based learning where entire learning takes place at e-learning platform. This was technology in education have innovated new elements in the modern learning.

Walking Into Future

The way techs have surrounded human life it’s not difficult to guess that we have already entered into the digital world. In education, too, technology has been adopted to enhance its standard. Considering all the developments and aspects it cannot be ruled out that techs wave made learning system advanced and futuristic.

So what do you think about the issue of educating special students in Africa? Share your valuable insights with me.

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Create Your Own Management Job With The Corporate Of Your Choice

Stereotypic rules and business ideas dominated all divisions of the corporates and industries. So previously the corporates didn’t have much of a handful to experiment with.


With the globalisation and the advancement of technology and skill training programmes, corporates and industries have much to experiment with in terms of IT and management. New gates were opened for the freshers as well as experienced professionals to explore new dimensions of management. Thinking out of the box to create ideas and formulate strategies in order to gain market prominence for the business become an integral part and criteria for the new recruits.

Management Degree

indexWhether be it a corporate management or calculating finance estimation for the projects or hiring fresh human talents who excel as an individual, require rigorous hours of planning and expert minds to give the idea a structured shape that can be easily implemented in the practical scenario. Online MBA Top Up courses are so designed keeping in mind the current job requirements of the employing companies and hence are also fast tracked to save both time and money of the enrollers.

Think Out Of The Box

In order to climb the career ladder, you need to research and create the components that didn’t exist in the company before. Then en-cash those components to build an important stake at the company and hence develop your own importance in it. This would bring your diligent attitude towards the company into the limelight and pave your career path in an ascending direction.


A management background like MBA top-up gives you the platform to think out of the box in designing unique set-ups for new enterprises.

Know Your Strength And Your Weakness

Career coach and the author of Take Charge of Your Talent: Three Keys to Thriving in Your Career, Organization and Life- Don Maruska has repeated mentioned in his interviews that how important it is to take charge of the talent individual posses and hence master it for your own good.

This is the place where you can outnumber your competitors and engage your talent with some serious business houses to showcase your talent.

Study Your Organisation

case-studyMake a research paper on the organisation. It is not always what you are ordered to do but its about what you can do in excess. Make a detailed study about the company and its competitors and suggest ways to introduce new techniques and ideas that never existed within the walls of the organisation. Any unique ideas would be logical in extensive huge corporates. The ideas that you place in the plate to the management should be logical, comprising true data facts and a realistic approach to attain the new idea leads.

Look for the big problems with which the organization is struggling for long. If you can be the one to provide value advice there, you’re sure to go a long way in the company and also in your personal career achievements.

Have a Network That Benefits You

Today every organisation looks for the champion. They believe only the brainy are sheer to earn success for their company. But that often not true. Building a good network around you with people from various sectors can also serve you at various dimensions. Who knows with this network you can earn huge benefits that you can easily outnumber the champion.

Keep It The Right Way

Only smart ideas for the corporates would not help anyone in the long run. The main cache is to build the foundation with ideas and then plan the strategies in order to implement those ideas and chasing it till the goals are achieved. There may be hundreds of employees sitting to give ideas to the boss. Then why should he/she hear out. Identify the needs of your audience to get people to listen to what you have to say. That is called to be unique and thinking out of the box.

How will you make the most of this opportunity? Share your thought, opinions and experiences with us by leaving your comments below.

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Facebook Offers Free Education Software In US

The globally famous social network Facebook has initiated its first educational program teaming up with the non-profit organisation known as the Summit Public Schools. They are now ready to launch the academic software to the schools of the US.

Digital education

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It has been the first initiative of Facebook to teach students through the social network. The system is equipped with the relevant educational software that aims towards better education of the children as well as giving importance to their comfort zone for studying.

The Claim Of Them

Both Facebook and Summit claim that this innovative and technical approach is a healthy way for education which will enable the learners to continue studying at their own pace. It also assists them to be mentored in the class, the social network and the non-profit organisation says. The social network even stated that the project did not have any connection with its network and its intention is fully free from networking. Although some doubt was raised regarding the project.

The Social Network’s Opinion

Facebook’s intention is to make the students more ambitious and their educational program will target to make the students more focused in achieving their goals. The chief product officer of the social network Chris Cox said the firm wanted to make a classroom that will be “centered around students’ ambitions.”

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The system is also interesting. It will represent content and tests through the online medium and the classroom time will be reserved for ‘teacher-led real world projects and collaborations.” Mr. Cox adds technology can enliven daily activities through putting it into the context.

The procedure assists the teachers to use some time in order to train the students. The students can also have some free time to collaborate and healthily interact with each other. He adds “It frees up classroom time for teachers to do what they do best – mentor students directly – and for students to spend time collaborating with, and in some cases, teaching each other.”

What Summit Wants

Summit wants to provide the online content to engage the students’ mind more to education and academic tasks as its intention is to make them busy in learning the traditional subjects like maths and English through the customised educational content and to work on projects.

The Opposing Force

Leonie Haimson from US non-profit Class Size Matters told the BBC. She has a serious doubt regarding the privacy statement of the social network as the privacy can be violated. She also raises the question about the authorisation of the customised information for the students. She says “We are very concerned about the privacy implications of this deal. Facebook is known for violating privacy and seems to be getting worse in this regard. Who will control access to the personal student data and who will protect it? Who will decide? Parents or Facebook or the schools or districts? This is a critical question which must be answered – especially given its reputation.”


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Ms Haimson is also against this idea of personalised learning through online medium as it, according to her, increases the achievement gap.

She also thinks that the electronic media engages the students’ minds more than usual affecting their human interaction.

She said “The educational tech boosters call it personalised learning, but its really depersonalised learning. Most parents don’t want their kids spending any more time in front of computer screens than they do already – but want more human interaction with their teachers and their classmates.”

Facebook Replies

The social network answered that a small team of engineers are working on the project to protect the student data through strict privacy controls.

But this customised educational system has already been utilised by 2000 student and 100 teachers in the schools of California.

More Technologies Highlighting Education

The social network is not the only one that offers educational technology. Google also offers educational software. One of these software is the Chromebook that has already made its stable place in the classrooms.

What do you think? Add to the discussion by sharing your views and opinions below.

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