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Education Today must Only Talk about Updated Technologies

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Should today’s education system be allowed to run just as it had been continuing for years? Don’t you think the typical resources like books and blackboards would still work out in educating the 21st century learners? Well, it’s not only students who are coming up with modernised thoughts and strategies but even instructors have started believing that technology will now play a key role in strengthening the future of today’s career aspirants.

So, what do you think? Education now must focus on process or content? To be precise, should education help students to know first how to learn, or should it typically make students understand things that are required to be known out of compulsion?

The answer is updated technologies……

Here are some fine instances:

  • Blended Learning – Recently, e2020 developed a curriculum that was rebranded as Edgenuity that let students take multiple choice tests, attend video lectures and answering multiple choice questions. This would be rather a more refreshing curriculum that would keep students engaged towards their lessons.
  • Tablets instead of desktops – A company called Amplify Inc. asks their students to make

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    use of tablets in place of desktops. In the process, they help students obtain lessons through personalised learning and tests whether they have been able to attain sufficient information. In fact, students are provided new information based on their adaptive instruction.

  • Flipped classrooms – This is indeed an amazing learning mode that let students watch video lectures right from their homes instead of taking pains and doing the same at school. Video learning moreover has emerged to be one of the most effective learning strategies that can let students grasp their lessons faster and keep them engaged for hours.

As per resources from the government:

  • It was April 2013 when the rate of youth unemployment was recorded to be 16.1% for people aged between 16 and 24.
  • For individuals aged between 16 and 19, the rate of seasonally-adjusted unemployment was 24.1%
  • 13.1% was recorded in case of people aged from 20 to 24


Reports also say that social media is going to bring a lot of new trends in 2014. As a result, the learning procedures would no more be limited to classrooms and books. The wide availability of images through Pinterest and Instagram will generate more interest among the new age learners to take courses online since the majority of websites then would be designed with alluring yet useful pictures.

source: bit.ly/1qpojSe

    source: bit.ly/1qpojSe

So, digitalisation is the keyword that would inspire students to peep beyond their classrooms and adopt newer strategies that can let them achieve their goals with more convenience and sheer affordability.

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