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Facebook Offers Free Education Software In US

The globally famous social network Facebook has initiated its first educational program teaming up with the non-profit organisation known as the Summit Public Schools. They are now ready to launch the academic software to the schools of the US.

Digital education

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It has been the first initiative of Facebook to teach students through the social network. The system is equipped with the relevant educational software that aims towards better education of the children as well as giving importance to their comfort zone for studying.

The Claim Of Them

Both Facebook and Summit claim that this innovative and technical approach is a healthy way for education which will enable the learners to continue studying at their own pace. It also assists them to be mentored in the class, the social network and the non-profit organisation says. The social network even stated that the project did not have any connection with its network and its intention is fully free from networking. Although some doubt was raised regarding the project.

The Social Network’s Opinion

Facebook’s intention is to make the students more ambitious and their educational program will target to make the students more focused in achieving their goals. The chief product officer of the social network Chris Cox said the firm wanted to make a classroom that will be “centered around students’ ambitions.”

Image source : bit.ly/1PuInCE

Image source : bit.ly/1PuInCE

The system is also interesting. It will represent content and tests through the online medium and the classroom time will be reserved for ‘teacher-led real world projects and collaborations.” Mr. Cox adds technology can enliven daily activities through putting it into the context.

The procedure assists the teachers to use some time in order to train the students. The students can also have some free time to collaborate and healthily interact with each other. He adds “It frees up classroom time for teachers to do what they do best – mentor students directly – and for students to spend time collaborating with, and in some cases, teaching each other.”

What Summit Wants

Summit wants to provide the online content to engage the students’ mind more to education and academic tasks as its intention is to make them busy in learning the traditional subjects like maths and English through the customised educational content and to work on projects.

The Opposing Force

Leonie Haimson from US non-profit Class Size Matters told the BBC. She has a serious doubt regarding the privacy statement of the social network as the privacy can be violated. She also raises the question about the authorisation of the customised information for the students. She says “We are very concerned about the privacy implications of this deal. Facebook is known for violating privacy and seems to be getting worse in this regard. Who will control access to the personal student data and who will protect it? Who will decide? Parents or Facebook or the schools or districts? This is a critical question which must be answered – especially given its reputation.”


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Ms Haimson is also against this idea of personalised learning through online medium as it, according to her, increases the achievement gap.

She also thinks that the electronic media engages the students’ minds more than usual affecting their human interaction.

She said “The educational tech boosters call it personalised learning, but its really depersonalised learning. Most parents don’t want their kids spending any more time in front of computer screens than they do already – but want more human interaction with their teachers and their classmates.”

Facebook Replies

The social network answered that a small team of engineers are working on the project to protect the student data through strict privacy controls.

But this customised educational system has already been utilised by 2000 student and 100 teachers in the schools of California.

More Technologies Highlighting Education

The social network is not the only one that offers educational technology. Google also offers educational software. One of these software is the Chromebook that has already made its stable place in the classrooms.

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Article source : bbc.in/1EF8J29